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About Us

Kioko was first established in 2006 by myself, Nicole Barratt in sunny Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and is currently registered with CFSA and CASA (WCF). I have worked with Mariette Burger of LaMASKA Cattery since the cattery's conception and value the mentorship and friendship she has given me over the years. We are also working with Melissa Myburgh of Siori Cattery who has beautiful cats.

I have bred many beautiful kittens over the years and have always liked to keep the Kioko brood small.  My husband, young son, Noah and I currently share our home with our cats and our Beagle, Holly. My goals are to breed healthy, well-socialised kittens that meet the CFSA standard of points and to form mutually beneficial partnerships to grow the South African Cat Fancy.

All of our breeding cats are tested annually (or more often depending on visiting females) for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FELV/FIV).

I started out in the cat fancy showing my 2 Oriental kittens with my husband and we decided to try breeding. I acquired a young stud in 2006 from LaMASKA Cattery, Sp Ch LaMASKA Abarai Renji of Kioko RQ NQ, who went on to produce beautiful babies with all of our queens, as well as doing significantly well on the show bench, qualifying for SACC COTY twice and placing well in most of his shows. More information about our past cats can be found on our Wall of Fame.
LaMASKA Abarai Renji of Kioko

I spent about three years on the Provincial Cat Society (SACC) Committee, holding the positions of Secretary, Membership Secretary and Public Relations Officer, as well as being a committed steward, before resigning in late 2011. After a break from the Cat Fancy, I joined the KwaZulu Natal Cat Club committee in early 2014 as Public Relations Officer and currently serve as Vice Chair and Marketing for the Club as well as Vice Chair and Marketing for the Siamese, Oriental & Peterbald Alliance. I am currently a student judge with the Cat Federation of Southern Africa and look forward to furthering my studies this year in the Persian & Exotic category.
Due to a distinct lack of safe advertising opportunities for Cat Breeders, I founded an online community and classifieds website early in 2014 called Breeders Haven. Breeders Haven was developed as a member-driven, secure community for Breeders to make use of to advertise their kittens in a scam-free environment to the general public. We hope that this initiative will grow and become a household name for people looking for registered kittens.  

I work full time as a graphic designer, with over 10 years experience and provide a part-time web design service to fellow cat breeders when time permits it.