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Our beautiful girls live in our home with us and enjoy a 3 x 3m outdoor enclosure that is protected from the elements, so that they can get some fresh air and laze around in their hammocks. We have selected our Queens from breeding lines that have proved to be fantastic mothers and produce consistently typed offspring. We only breed our girls a few times and if they have repeated difficulties with pregnancy and/or kitten births, they are retired from breeding and spayed. Occasionally, retired females are available to loving forever homes. We are hoping to add one or two more young ladies to our brood this coming year.

Meet Our Queens

JR CH LAMASKA NORA OF KIOKO (Black Spotted Tabby Bi-colour Heavy Brush Coat Peterbald)

LaMASKA Man-O-War (Seal Point Bi-colour Chamois Peterbald) | Dam: LaMASKA Teardrops of a Mermaid (Black Spotted Tabby Bi-colour Oriental)

Nora is a very balanced young lady with an exceptionally sweet nature and adventurous streak. We are completely in love with her. Her pedigree is an interesting outcross and a mix of superb Peterbald and Oriental lines. We are very excited for this goofy and elegant baby and have high hopes for her kittens in future. In her first 2 shows, in back to back weekends in July, Nora won Best Sia/Ori/Peb Kitten! She is an excellent mother and currently has her first litter on the ground.
SIORI MULAN OF KIOKO (Black Tortie Oriental)

Db Gr Ch LaMaska Lion King of Kioko (Red Oriental) | Dam: Gr Ch Connemara Faye's Gem of Siori (Seal Tortie Point Siamese)

Thank you to Melisa Myburgh of Siori Cattery for this wonderful girl. Mulan is the result of a mating given to Melissa Myburgh to her beautiful Seal tortie point girl, Faye. With proven lines out of a rare combination, and much needed "good mommy" genes, we are very excited to have this naughty tortie in our breeding programme! We look forward to seeing how she develops this year as she starts her show career in early 2015.

Ashways Myloe (Seal Point Siamese) | Dam: Ashways Blossom (Seal Point Siamese)

Thank you to Aunty Enid Ashley for this beautiful gift. We welcome Yuuko to our brood! Since Peach was spayed, we felt the need to have another Siamese girl in our programme yet we wanted something balanced with many years of healthy cats behind the pedigree. Enid has been breeding for many decades and we are very fortunate to be owned by one of her kittens again. With Yuuko having a healthy grandmother, grandfather and father of over 10 years in age, this little girl is crucial to our breeding programme and will bring much needed longevity to the breed. Yuuko is a petite girl with a beautiful clear coat. We are hoping to show her off in 2015 and let her have babies later in the year.