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Our boys are very special to us as they form the foundation of our breeding. They live a comfortable life in our Stud House, a beautifully converted wendy hut, and enjoy regular supervised visits with our girls in our home. It is difficult for us to keep our sweet boys in a run but we have to do so, unfortunately, so that they do not mark their territory in our house and mate whoever they please when they please. Kioko studs are only open for matings to our breeding partners.

Meet our handsome studs


Sire: Tr Sp Ch Loek-Maew Cafe D'Amour of LaMASKA RQ NQ (Black Oriental) | Dam: LaMASKA My Pretty (Cream Oriental)

Thank you to Mariette Burger for this exquisite boy. When the option was given to us to take Leo, we jumped at the chance! His underlying ticked pattern gives his solid red coat a beautiful texture and coverage which has been evident, so far, in his red offspring. Being a sweet tempered, large, muscular and elegant boy, he has proved himself a great asset to our programme, producing large, healthy kittens with great type. Leo is a son of Dutch Import, Tr Sp Ch Loek-Maew Cafe D'Amour of LaMaska NQ, and locally bred "supermom" LaMaska My Pretty. Leo currently lives the life of luxury indoors with our girls and will transition to an indoor/outdoor run in March 2015. He has had a successful show career as a kitten and has been a pleasure to show, thus far as an adult, qualifying for the CFSA Gold and Ruby show in September 2014. He will continue to show in 2015.


(Chocolate Tabby Pointed Bicolour Siamese)

Sire: Sp Ch Loek-Maew Born This Way of LaMASKA (Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese) | Dam: LaMASKA Lucy Pavency (Chocolate Bicolour Oriental)

Once again we cannot be more grateful to our breeding partner, Mariette Burger for allowing us the honour of owning this beautiful boy and the opportunity to secure her import lines once again. Toby is a shy boy with the most exquisite eye colour and clear coat. He is the son of Sp Ch Loek-Maew Born This Way, LaMASKA's second Dutch import and LaMASKA Lucy Pavency who is a descendant of our foundation lines. Toby will join our brood in March 2015 once our stud runs are ready for him to live a comfortable life. With a fantastic combination of cats in his pedigree, we hope to breed beautiful babies from him.